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GayForIt.eu - CF double penetration

GayForIt.eu - my favorite

Travis Torrent

Hello! I’m a big fan of your blog, but I see that you’re having trouble finding videos of Travis to post. I thought I’d pitch in by giving you this link to a torrent file containing pretty much every video he’s been in:


You’ll need to sign up to the site before you can download from it, but it’s all free of charge and perfectly safe :)

Hope that helps and congrats again on your awesome Tumblr!

Oct 2

Lol can we chat about porn through kik or something ?


tbqh i dont have a kik but you’re more than welcome to come off anon and talk to me through here. 

Can you please post the ones where Travis cums without touching himself


There are quite a few glorious videos that fit that description and unfortunately I no longer have access to them

Sometimes I wanna have convos with ppl bout porn but like .... Lol maybe we can ?


sure I’d love to talk with anyone about porn anytime. I’m sorry i took me so long to reply to you.

Did Travis quit? Why r they taking his vids down


Yeah im pretty sure he quit porn. if i had to guess he probably asked for them to take em down. it’s sad but oh well what can we do?

Hello, do you still have the full length copy of Travis, Cain and Lucas?


Sorry bud I don’t. Wish I did but nah.